Saturday, 26 October 2013

Danger - Albanian Guns Printed in French

These plastic printed guns could be dangerous - just think of all the phthalates on the handles that those wielding the guns would be exposed to.

Overheard in the House:

Chairman: "Of course you realise that every word in English that ends in 'able' is French in origin - table, formidable, inimitable....."

Hay: " Cat!"

Chairman: "Catable..."

Overheard in the Italian Restaurant:

Waiter: "Besides English, which I have been learning for a year, I speak fluent Italian and Greek, but actually I'm originally from Albania. What I can't understand is that I have two jobs, work all the hours God sends, and yet there are all these English people who have no job and do nothing but live on benefits. Why do you English allow it?"

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