Friday, 26 August 2016

Wiggins Burqa Wedding

I've found out that the Tour of Britain cycle race goes through Chipping Sodbury on the 8th September, the day before our wedding. Would have been nice if Sir Bradley Wiggins could have made it a day later and we could have had some free entertainment for the guests.

Some people aren't half getting into a tizzy about burqas (should be bloody burqua anyway - there's always a u after a q in English), hijabs, niqabs (another weird lack of a u) and what have you on the beach. Woman forced to wear a burqa by a bloke = bad; woman chooses to wear a burqa of her own free will = not bad. Get over it. So long as it doesn't frighten children or horses, what does it damned well matter? Just try telling me what I can or can't wear on the beach and see where it gets you.

The French have a swathe of nudist beaches, for God's sake, and wearing something at these is not a prosecutable offence!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Two Seats Burkina Farce-o

Corbyn is going to have to be called "Two Seats" from now on. I didn't think it was possible to buy advance rail tickets without a seat reservation, at least when ever I've bought tickets I've always had a reserved seat, whether I like it or not. Can't blame Branson for having a poke at him - it was obviously a set-up, and then for Corbyn's PR team to spin the story into another Branson attack just compounded the error and made them look utter fools. Branson is almost a national treasure.

The French burkina ban? Ridiculous!It's simply inviting Muslims to flout it, cause an even greater furore resulting in the police being in a no-win situation. It merely panders to the ultra-right wing. Wonder when someone in a wetsuit will get asked to remove it? As for wearing a loose-fitting total covering on a sand covered beach - happens all over the middle east, which is predominantly sand, and happens to be the best protection against sunburn and heat.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Brexit Workout

Colin will be finishing Hay's office today. He's on a bit of a health jag - he left his van next to the office and walked home last night. He warned us he may be a bit late today as he'll be walking to work this morning too.

Colin's house of the one just to the left of his van cab by the pole - all of 20 or 30 yards away...

I'm finding it hard to reconcile the following:
  1. Brexiteers are crowing that financial Armageddon hasn't happened yet,
  2. Simultaneously they're complaining we haven't left the EU yet.
Somehow they can't see the connection between 2 and 1 - cause and effect. That said, sterling is already at its lowest for 31 years.

The referendum was a declaration of future intent, but many are thinking it will never happen. It certainly won't happen till we know what we're aiming for and have worked out the consequences. To do otherwise would be like dropping everything and going on holiday without checking your passport for validity, booking a hotel and flights or even asking your boss for holiday leave - a recipe for disaster. 

As for Owen Smith standing for the Labour leadership on a platform of putting the final plan to the electorate - a canny move. Might not endear him to the Trot wing of the Labour party (who seem to be in the ascendancy), but would certainly endear him to (at the very least) 48% of the electorate, if not more now.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

That Season

It's that time of year again...

Let battle commence. Where are all the hedgehogs when you need them?

Monday, 22 August 2016

National Trust - Lacock Abbey

We're certainly getting our money's worth from our National Trust membership - reckon two more visits to their properties and we'll have paid for our membership within a couple of months.

Yesterday was the Wiltshire village of Lacock and Lacock Abbey. Lacock is a Wiltshire chocolate box village and the Abbey was one of those places that were sold off to the nobs by Henry VIII after the Dissolution of the Monasteries. It came into the possession of William Fox-Talbot, who invented photography and the tithe barn hosts a photography museum.

The village seems to have taken advantage of its celebrity status by locals (at least I assume them to be locals) opening shops that sell the type of stuff that loads of people will browse, but no-one actually seems willing to buy.

Lacock itself was in the throes of a WWII festival, which seem to be quite popular in many villages up and down the country these days.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

August Hay Fever

Went out with some friends last night for an Indian meal. While I'm not generally a beer drinker, wine with spicy food is not something I enjoy so I ordered a pint of Cobra. Within some 5 minutes my eyes were itching like hell and I had all the classic symptoms of hay fever. Apparently Cobra contains four varieties of hops and I guess they infuse the beer with pollen.

Had something spicy and the symptoms immediately abated, but on ordering another beer they returned.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Paralympic Condom Tragedy

The Paralympics are being cut back to fund shortfalls in the ordinary Olympics. A tragedy, undoubtedly, but does anyone actually watch the Paralympics? I certainly don't - but there again I don't watch the ordinary Olympics; I'd rather watch paint dry.

Is it just me, or does the Rio Olympic logo look rather like a very loosely constructed condom? I only realised today what it's actually meant to be - three people linking hands and legs (or leg, in the case of two of them, which is more appropriate for the Paralympics).

Friday, 19 August 2016

Justice for Voles

Saw a news headline on the BBC website saying the National Trust had released 100 water voles. I wonder what they were being held for and whether they had access to a solicitor.

Talking of the National Trust, does anyone know what this shrub is? Saw it at Dyrham Park last weekend and thought I'd get one for our garden.
Colin fitted the floor and ceiling to Hay's garden office yesterday, but we added another 25mm insulation to the ceiling (25mm on its own just won't be enough for winter snugness). It's also had electrics fitted and is now awaiting a skim coat to finish it off. Just as well, given the next few days hold rain. 


If anyone tells you these garden office things can be put up in a day, don't believe them. Today, with the various modifications we had to make, is day 10, and that's with 1.5 people working on it. It's not at all like putting up a shed.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wedding Run Up

Blue wedding suit arrived yesterday - and it fits perfectly. Now the shirt cuffs need shortening, which Hay's dad's girlfriend is going to take care of. She reckons 2 inches off them, but I have my doubts. I've been proven right before. Perhaps a last minute visit to an airport shirt shop on the way back from Germany the day before the wedding might be in order.

Still not happy wearing a linen suit though - linen makes you look as if you slept in it. I suggested to Hay that I could wear the suit in during the trade exhibition I'll be at in the days preceding the wedding, but she thought that a bad idea. Can't think why.

To wear a tie, or not to wear a tie, that is the question. As the wedding is informal I'm not minded to wear one. A linen suit is ultra-casual too - even gentleman-of-the-roadish - so a tie would just be somewhat incongruous. Perhaps I should be accompanied by a scruffy dog and carry some copies of The Big Issue.

All these British athletes winning golds at the Olympics - unheard of! Could they be on drugs?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cabin Virus Fever

Hay's office roof mebrane (which is rubber) has been fitted, but we're going to make some alterations to the flooring; the incorporation of a Celotex layer for added insulation.

Hay's dad starts on the electrics shortly. We'll take a spur off the house, which will provide internet via the house ring main. We're not bothering with water, what with it being so close to the house.

I'm struggling with a PUP - Potentially Unwanted Program - on the laptop. Various virus hunters keep identifying Zperm and deleting it, but then the command screen keeps appearing very briefly and it's. I tried videoing the appearance of the command prompt, which is for a fraction of a second and needed slo-mo to see what was going on. All I  could see was a CMD.exe execution with nothing following the prompt, so I'm not sure what it's doing. It's not even as if there's any untoward activity showing up from the PUPs, but you never know what the hell they're doing.

Same goes for my mobile - had several days of advert-free use after the factory reset and then I started getting the Chrome browser hijacked again with redirections. Wikipedia is the only other programme affected, unlike last time, when even my banking app froze. Seems to have happened after installing a Panorama 360 camera app and I do believe it's down to that. I've cleared all the settings, but to  no avail. I've since uninstalled the camera app, but the problem persists.