Monday, 7 July 2014

Art & Music - Music & Art

We were watching Countryfile and there was an article about some Roman coins being found in a cave.

Hay: "Badger, what did the Romans find when they invaded?"

Chairman: "A lack of roads, aqueducts, medicine, education, sanitation, public baths..."

Was thinking about art and music and what artist (in the sense of painting or sculpture) would best be represented by what musician. Here's my take on a few:

  • Vincent Van Gogh - Nick Drake - tortured
  • Michael-Angelo - Led Zeppelin - staying power, sheer brilliance
  • Tracey Emin - Lilly Allen - here today, gone tomorrow
  • Damien Hirst - Robby Williams - some good stuff, but ran out of steam
  • Marcel Duchamp - Sex Pistols - iconoclasts
  • Salvador Dali - Milli Vanilli - bit of a fraud
  • Gabriel Dante Rosetti - Pink Floyd - a new look on music
  • Rubens - The Beatles - solid, old school
  • Grayson Perry - Conchita Wurst - out to shock
  • Claude Monet - Annie Lennox - incredible colours and notes
  • William Blake - Leonard Cohen - images to slit your wrists by
  • Chris Ofili - any musician using elephant dung as inspiration
  • Francis Bacon - Bob Geldof - ubiquitous, but a bit empty
  • David Hockney - Elton John  - pure camp
What are your suggestions?

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