Friday, 26 December 2008

Friday 26/12/80

Way back in the 60s, when she was still alive, my aunty Edith would take in a tramp from the streets at Christmas, treat him to a new suit of clothes and a bath, give him a Christmas dinner and provide him with a bed for the night. I suspected that was the same one every year - her husband, my uncle Vic.

The Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures used to be around midday between Christmas and New Year and were the highlight of my Xmas TV schedule. They are now on at 4am on Channel 5 - and they have the cheek to say TV hasn't been dumbed down.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I loved the Christmas Lectures - so interesting and stimulating - I agree re dumbing down - Celebrity Big Brother, anyone?!

Love to you and Hay, hope you're over the man-flu thing!

Best wishes,

Fhina x

Chairman Bill said...

Over Man Flu? Good God woman - it takes a year at least to recuperate.

Many thanks for your wishes.


Unknown said...

Have I missed the Xmas lectures then? I'd completely forgotten all about them this year. Terrible!