Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dr Who On Days Like These II

Well, the drive from Geneva to Milan via Montreaux, Sion and the Simplon Pass is an experience not to be missed - stunning views! There was plenty of Smoke on the Water at Montreaux, but bugger all Fire in the Sky as it was raining most of the way.

I reckon I could get a SqueezyJet flight with the family at sparrow's fart from Bristol to Geneva, grab a hire car and be in Lacchiarella in time for a light lunch at my favourite trattoria and be on a flight back from Milan Malpensa airport by teatime. Might just do that one day.

Actually - I just checked - £178 per person in flights, plus hire car @ £250 (shared), plus a night in the Atahotel Ripamonte @ £62 per person (but don't eat the food there - hideous) and half a tank of diesel @ £40 (shared). Leave Saturday lunchtime and return on the Sunday 3PM flight - home by 5. Family of 3 that's just a touch over £1k without food, and that's cheap enough in Italy. There are probably even cheaper ways of doing it.

Next time I may try the Furka Pass - the one from the memorable scene in Goldfinger where Bond was on a snaking road.

Put the radio on in the French part of Switzerland and was hard pressed to find a station that plays music - these Frenchies do like the sound of their own voices. Once over the Simplon Pass I got the Italian stations, with a lot more music, but it's all sentimental, shmaltzy tripe your mother would listen to  (if she were still alive - and deaf).

Here are some photos (it was awful weather):

I found this in Sion at a Military Megastore.(every town needs one)...


On the local TV last night they had Dr Who dubbed in Italian. Matt Smith with an incredibly deep voice seems a bit scary.

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