Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday 21/03/09

Finally managed to get Google Street View working, and as luck would have it here’s a house I owned in London some 15 years ago. All told I can stand right outside 3 places I rented in various parts London throughout the late 80s and early 90s. If Google can do some decent places then I won’t even have to go on holiday anymore – I can simply take a trip with Google Street View. The only problem I can see with it is that thieves and terrorists can now reconnoiter potential target areas without the hindrance of looking suspicious.

Thank God our place isn’t covered by Google Street View yet, and being off the beaten track is unlikely to every get there anyway. If it did feature the kampong and the caravan, then we’d have to clear up the tarmac pile, the old mattresses, the burnt out car and the many upturned prams.

Heard this morning on The Farming Programme: “On the scale of beef, pork or lamb, it’s only small potatoes.”

Sunset over St Ives Bay yesterday evening:

Remember Prince Big Ears’ misleading adverts for his exorbitantly expensive tinctures under the Duchy Originals brand? The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has stepped in and upheld a complaint that the claims were misleading and the firm must change the wording of the website adverts.


  1. It is very easy to fall in to the trap of believing that Google Earth and Google Street View are in real time! In fact Google Earth - in my area - is about 2 years old and Google Street View (GSV) dates from September 2008.

    Meanwhile I really don't understand those people who see GSV as an invasion of privacy! perhaps someone could explain to me why they do.

    Richard x x x x

  2. I can smell the sea air wafting at me....

  3. I am very much in agreement with Mr Irascible Fairy - I cannot understand the swathes of folk(middle-England Daily Mail readers, perhaps?) who are anxious about their properties being visible... Unless they are invisible at the moment??!

    'There's nowt as queer as folks, as we say oop north!'

  4. My brother is upset because his neighbour has had the photo of his house removed - which has - as a side effect - removed my brother's house as well!

    Richard x x x

  5. Tomorrow my post will be what constitutes "suspicious activity". Please all have your lists ready - especially if Daily Mail readers.

  6. I've spent ages poking around in street view, hoping to find something controversial. Nothing so far.

  7. What ever made you think that you'll get a bloody argument from us. WE like Google maps; they let all our old nemesis find us again and again. Of course, we can find them too.