Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thursday 12/03/09

Not much of a blog today – went to Liverpool on a business trip and so haven’t had much time to write.

Went round to see John, my oldest friend, last night. His father died a couple of weeks ago and he’s in the process of gutting the house and refurbishing it ready either to sell or to rent out to tenants.

While there I spotted a few modifications his father had made, which I considered somewhat amusing and worthy of inclusion in the blog.

The first one (above) is a tap screwed to the inside doorknob – a fantastic and very practical idea for old people having a touch of arthritis in their hands.

This is a coat rack, but if you look carefully you’ll note that the hooks are made from stiletto heels from old pairs of shoes. Not only practical, but an artistic interpretation.

John said he found a copy of Shoe Fetishist Monthly under his dad’s bed, which may explain the above picture.

Seen this viral YouTube clip of the Today program?

More shootings of innocent children and teachers in Germany. We in the UK would have a problem getting hold of guns, except possibly air guns. The only other people who brandish guns are our criminals, but they are relatively responsible with their weapons and don’t go on killing sprees.

Is it me, or has Blogger changed its editing interface? Having enormous plroblems with formatting of text and inserting images.


  1. That stiletto-heeled coat rack is a great combination of recycling and design. Big smile!

  2. Those modifications, and ideas are brilliant.

    Kids getting shot in Germany is not.

    And I am having trouble with Blogger in Firefox, reverting to IE at the moment for posting.

  3. SPD - I think you may have hit on something with Firefox and Blogger. I switched a couple of days ago and have had nothing but trouble since.

  4. Absolutely loved the adapted door handle! You really have to applaud some people’s ingenuity. I am the information officer for a branch of the MS Society, and am often asked about equipment or aids for the disabled. There are two aids that I have seen for "door openers" that are both decidedly flimsy, being made out of cheap plastic (but sold at a disproportionately high price due to the disability tag). This idea, and a copy of the photo, is most definitely going into my files.


    Only just read the last few days blogs, but have to applaud you for entering the entire speech from Our Lord John Cleese. Magnificent!

  5. Whole new meaning to 'well heeled'...

  6. Sir, get your marketing head on and work out a good design for those heel hooks for today's market - Stylish and practical - Imagine those with Jimmy Choos, who'd want them immortalised! (But don't mention the shoe fetishist angle..., probably!)

  7. Woman - I would hesitate to work out the cost of a Jummy Shoo coat rack.