Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Highgrove Robbery for Higgs

Was thinking of taking the family on a tour of the gardens at Highgrove - till I saw the price. £70 a head is a tad steep for looking at some flowers and trees. At that price I'd expect Prince Charles himself to guide me round, or one of his trees.

There's going to be some announcement about the Higgs Boson today. That would have pleased Frank Zappa.


  1. £70 per head? Really? How can they possibly justify that? It's only £20 to get into the Tower of London.

    Nice tune.

    1. Liz - they justify it by being fully booked, believe it or not...

  2. Heck....she must need some more frocks...

  3. Give money to that imbecilic dauphin so that he can decorate his house? err, let me think about that one.

    Q/Why are Catholics praying for the Higgs Boson
    A/Without it there'd be no mass... boom, boom :)