Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Thank God for First Great Western

We have the main railway line to the southwest running about a hundred yards from us. Thankfully it's situated in a 100 foot deep cutting after exiting from a long tunnel under a local escarpment and thus we don't get much in the way of noise. What with all the flooding, I'm actually glad it's there, as the cutting will form a canal before we ever risk getting flooded.

May invest in another boat if this weather continues and moor it at the bridge over the railway cutting.


  1. ha... middle of winter here in Durban and 28 C today and sunny.. may go to the beach.

    apparently the sun here has a delivery label on it that says "destination UK" but "some one up there" screwed DHL up so they sent it here...

  2. I'm not sure that your boat on the railway line would work. What about when the track goes over a viaduct?

  3. Are you saying Brunel was God? ... I could go for that, at least we've got a photo of him!