Thursday, 18 April 2013

Doors, Hoods, Funerals & Passwords

Doors get hung today and handles fitted tomorrow. Stuart, the tame steel fabricator, visited for a final cooker hood fitting yesterday and that is now under way. He made a cardboard template to show us what it will look like - magnificent - feel like ordering some 2nd hand chip shop equipment now.

One hears that odious self-publicist, Sally Bercow, snubbed St Margaret's funeral. The woman was only invited because she is the Speaker's wife and not because she's anyone important in her own right. However, I do think the whole ceremonial funeral things was somewhat mawkish, needless and over the top. It was basically a Tory deification.

Passwords: why do some systems (especially Microsoft ones) insist you change them every 60 or 90 days? Senseless - you manage to find a reasonably memorable, secure password, and then 60 days later you have to change it, invariably making it less secure as you run out of options and start adding sequential numbers to the original one, eventually turning it into something a chimp could crack I have 3 A4 sheets of usernames and passwords for various systems - that sheet has to travel with me, as I don't know when I'm going to be asked for a bloody password when traveling.


  1. So when is the housewarming and will I need a password to get in?

  2. Will I get an invitation? I'm only my carer's husband.

    1. You have a carer? We have all manner of special accesses - part of the new building regs.

  3. Check out "dashlane" CB - it's a system for managing all your passwords and important ID stuff in one place. It's free, secure and synchronises itself to all the different devices you use; there are a few similar tools out there.