Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Just Sbout Done

Spent the last few days moving all our good and chattels into the house; it's a bit like a self-catering holiday, in that once we've put something away, we forget where the hell we put it and spend about 10 minutes searching the drawers and cupboards for a particular pan or the cutlery.

The under-floor heating has had one unwanted side-effect - it's exacerbated Hay's dry-as-dust, scaly feet with the result they're splitting at the heels.

Kitty has finally accepted the house as her new home, although she still has the occasional daytime sleep in the caravan. However, all the other neighbourhood cats are also wandering in.

The caravan should be used as a new TARDIS for Dr Who - it's amazing what we managed to cram into the place. The house just isn't big enough to hold it all, although that's probably more to do with a dearth of big furniture to put it all into. That, however, will be rectified over time using a mix of eBay and FreeCycle.

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