Friday, 10 October 2014

Feast of the ParkingEye Caravans

My masters in Israel are having another of their interminable holidays. This time it's Sukkot (last week it was Jewish New Year).

Sukkot, or the Feast of the Tabernacles, purportedly celebrates the Jewish tribes having camped out in 'The Wilderness' for 40 years some three and a half millenia ago. They just won't let it go...

Hay proposed we have a Feast of the Caravans, an annual celebration of our 5 year sojourn in the caravan while the house was being built.

Regular readers will know I have been battling ParkingEye since April over a £100 plus parking 'fee'. Well, I prepared my professional-looking 100 page defence for the small claims court, consisting primarily of transcripts of previous rulings against them on the basis of:

  1. I paid - they didn't issue a ticket (as well as admitting one of the pay stations was not working properly on the day in question), thus they are in breach of contract,
  2. As they are not owners of the land concerned, they cannot take me to court - under contract law, the landowner is the only person who can sue, and
  3. Under contract law, they cannot charge punitive amounts, only actual losses - i.e. £2.20.

This was posted to ParkingEye on Saturday. On Monday I received a letter telling me that in the interests of saving court costs, if I stumped up £50 they would drop the case.

Yesterday - following their receipt of my defence - they sent a letter telling me they are dropping the case completely.

My advice - don't kow-tow to bully-boy tactics. If any of you are facing the same issue, contact me and I'll send you the standard defence.

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