Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Welfare State

For the vast majority of mankind's existence there has been no such thing as the the Welfare State. The tribe shared as necessary and the family unit ensured no-one starved; the lame, the halt and the old were looked after.

That, however, wasn't sufficient to save the Neanderthals when the Cro-Magon people came over via Calais, took all their jobs and put hundreds out of work with their new-fangled efficiency drives, time and motion studies and technology.

In a way, I can be said that the lack of a Welfare State has made man what he is today - the result of Darwinian selection.

Would I sacrifice my descentants' chances of becoming homo-superior or some weird uber-Conservative monstrosity by discontinuing the Darwinian experiment? Damned right I would!

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