Monday, 11 February 2019

Well, Well, Well.

Hay was interested to read this BBC News report about cold water swimming allegedly helping some women to cope better with the menopause, the side effects of which she has been suffering from for 10 years.

It has stimulated her to do it more frequently than once every month or so and she's now intent on using the well in her father's garden next door, which must be about 30 feet deep and 4 feet across. Being on the lower edge of a Cotswold escarpment, the water table here is very close to the surface and it's always full, even in the middle of summer.

We should actually have thought about using the well in the house build - perhaps as a water source for flushing toilets or as part of a heat exchange system. We do, after all, have an air-source heat pump which works down to 5 degrees C.

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