Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tony Blair - Come So Far, Yet So Far To Go

What’s this about Tony Blair being touted as the President of the European Council? Was there an election while I slept? Never mind this being a blow for democracy, it’s a blow against democracy. It’s all very well having a rotating Presidency for 6 months to avoid a total nutter gaining too much control, but if you’re going to have a permanent President, should the bugger not be elected, just a little bit?

Montblanc, the German makers of expensive trinkets for the gauche and image conscious, has launched a $25,000 pen having an engraving of Mahatma Gandhi on it, along with an eight metre golden thread that can be wound around it, representing the spindle and cotton Gandhi used to weave simple cloth.

Winding an eight metre gold thread around a pen is something I do every day and I can see the immense practical value of this. As for depicting Gandhi on a $25,000 pen – that’s about as incongruous as using an image of;

  • Nicholas Van Hoogstraten to market ethical investments.
  • The Dalai Lama to market Rolls Royces, or
  • Mother Theresa to market MacDonald’s.

Montblanc should surely be using the image of the ex boss of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sir Fred Goodwin, to represent the epitome of excessive and conspicuous consumption. Yes, I vote for the special edition Sir Fred Goodwin Montblanc pen, which comes with a £703,000 lifetime pension guarantee.

Better still - the Mother Theresa commemorative diamond encrusted Rolex.

Listened to Chris Rea’s ‘Come So Far, Yet So Far To Go’ yesterday. Sublime foot-tapping stuff!


Lovely's Blot said...

I am awaiting delivery of that very CD from Amazon as we speak! Shall look forward to listening to it!

Chairman Bill said...

I've been playing it so often that I'm in danger of going onto Hay's nasty people list.

Alan Burnett said...

The first draft of what has become known as the Lisbon treaty did have the provision for an elected President of the European Union. The idea was thrown out by the Euroskeptics - such as the UK - for being dangerously federalist.

Kabbalah Rookie said...

A $25,000 pen with 8 metres of golden thread to fiddle with? I'll take two. Just in case the ink runs out when I am trying to vote us out of Europe. Or to make sure that I have enough gold thread to hang myself when we finally lose the pound.
Oh dear. Now I sound like my Dad...

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Loved this posting, Sir!