Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Do Unto Others at GCSE Time in Antarctica

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is hailed as the world's greatest living explorer. Not for much longer, I suspect, if his latest wheeze to cross the Antarctic in winter at age 68 is anything to go by. Saw him on TV last night and that toupee is quite the worst I've ever seen. Hay finds him deliciously rakish.

GCSEs are to be made more difficult. What? You mean in order to get a grade C they're going to have to put their dates of birth on the papers as well as their names? This is a disgusting infringement of pupils' rights to a pass in whatever exam they choose! They'll never manage to get jobs and will be cast on the scrap heap for all eternity (although it didn't seem to hamper the millions who left school without a qualification to their name and are gainfully employed - some of whom even became wealthy entrepreneurs).

If we have too many pupils leaving school with an unjustified belief that with a C grade they're too qualified to do menial work, then we'll simply end up with a disillusioned, unemployable underclass and wave after wave of immigrants coming in to do the jobs they think beneath them. Hang on - we've already got that....

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, spiritual leader of Hezbollah, has said Arab and Islamic governments should press for an enforceable international law banning insults to Islam and other religions.

This is the chap who has some rather unpalatable views on Jews - not Israelis, but Jews.

I suppose he could be alluding to laws to prevent such actions as the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, which his mate, Mullah Mohammed Omar, had blown up as an affront to Islam.

Oh, I forgot - Buddhists don't count, as they're not generally known for retaliatory action, and if they do retaliate they only go and immolate themselves in protest. Causes havoc with the traffic though when they do it at a main crossroad.

I don't suppose Protestants count either, as they simply serve you warm sherry if they're upset with you (unless you're in Northern Ireland, in which case your kneecaps could get blown to smithereens).

As for apostates and atheists, they can just burn in hell, as they simply refuse to be told what to believe in - despite the death threats.

The ironic thing about all these shambolic protests in the Islamic world is that they end up with the deaths of many more Moslems than infidels. They also result in the drying up of much-needed inward investment to Moslem countries due to the perceived political instability (politics and religion are inextricably bound in Islam) and sheer lunacy that goes on there.


  1. In Egypt they're already throwing Atheists in jail for thought crime; and so it starts. In 20 years time these people will be begging us to free them from the tyrannical religionists they are electing right now.

  2. When asked on the new yesterday why he was walking across Antarctica on one leg with a fridge strapped to his back (or whatever silly thing he is doing), the Fiennes chap replied, " Have to, I have no A levels". Asked if it was dangerous he said that many more people died on motorways in Britain than in Antarctica. Which illustrates why he hasn't got any A levels I suppose.