Saturday, 1 September 2012

Trotter Renovations Ltd.

Went to a local quarry yesterday - when I say local, I mean an hour's drive - to reacquaint myself with the limestone we're having in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Came back via Cirencester, where we stopped off for lunch. Now Cirencester is famous for St John the Baptist church, a fine medieval building. It has been vandalised!

Look at the photo on the left and you'll see how one of the facades of the church used to look. On the right is how part of it looks today. At first glance it's been cleaned - but no, it's been painted in a garish, sand-coloured masonry paint to make it look as if it's been cleaned. I could tell from the overspray on the leaded windows. It looks simply hideous, as if some amateur has had a go at it.

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