Friday, 22 November 2013

Fire Slavery Culture

Flashed the wood burner up for the first time last night - then spent an hour wafting the air away from the smoke detector as the paint cured and smoked away. I eventually put a shower-cap over the damned thing. Must remember to remove it today!

I hear that those women who have been kept as slaves for 30 years are in the care of Social Services. My initial reaction was, frying pan and fire.

Hull, City of Culture! What kind of culture is that then - botulism or common or garden mould?

Politicians are saying that Co-Op Bank chairman, Paul Flowers, was not qualified to run a bank. I guess he was as qualified as George Osborne is to run the country's economy. There were also questions about his expenses, as there were about the expenses of many politicians (who are still employed as MPs).

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