Friday, 23 January 2009

Friday 23/01/09

Let me put the Evil Eye on you!

Not pretty, is it?

Went to the doctor yesterday for blood pressure, cholesterol and a quick check on the prostate. BP was 150/102, but that might have been due to an e-cigar blowback earlier in the day and me copping a gobful of nicotine solution. Damned stuff goes straight through your mucous membranes and into the blood, phenomenally raising the BP in the process. The doc said to come back in a week when I’ve scraped myself off the ceiling and she’ll check it again. Cholesterol couldn’t be done as I hadn’t fasted, so another trip next week.

I was persuaded to re-open my Facebook account on Wednesday. I’m not too sure of the wisdom of this action. The damned system seems so anarchic and not at all well organised or intuitive. I added my niece as a friend and was horrified to discover she has 442 Facebook friends. I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN 442 people (outside of a football stadium), let alone made that many friends. I fear the Facebook account will be closing down soon. Can’t really see any point to it – if anyone wants to find me they can look me up on Linked In or search the net with my name. I’m not exactly The Invisible Man.

The security system on Facebook comprises images of words that are slightly mangled. There’s a facility to change the words if you can’t make them out, which in my case means I’m hitting the “try other words” button about ten times before I can make anything intelligible from the images. Am I alone in suspecting the security system is dyslexic? Oh, it can’t be – there is no such thing as dysolixa.

I managed to land on the profiles of a few old friends and discovered the photo below. It’s my school Bantams XV from 1969 or ’71. Yours truly is seated on the bench at the extreme right. The little chap sitting cross-legged on the floor on the left now goes under the name of Sir Clive Woodward.

Sir David Tang, the entrepreneur responsible for the Shanghai Tang restaurants (yes – I’ve never heard of him or his restaurants either), has stated that pessimism is the most serious cause of the global depression. You don’t say! Does this chap have a degree in the bleeding obvious? However, the whole thing wasn’t kicked off by pessimism; the root cause was rapacious bankers and greedy borrowers losing shed-loads of dosh. Once that news had circulated, THEN everyone got pessimistic.

Microsoft is making 5,000 redundant. I just hope it’s the buggers who write the XP code that ensures my laptop crashs every few weeks.

I was looking at the Feedjit map of people looking at the blog and noticed that while I have a good following in most of the country, there’s a dearth of readers in Wales. Do they have the interweb in Wales? In fact, do they have people in Wales?

What is it about women that makes them predisposed toward pink? You’d think it was genetic. It’s a question I pondered last night and decided to see if there was a scientific study somewhere on the net. Hey presto – they are genetically predisposed.

Glad to see the tourists in Guantanamo Bay are to be released. Perhaps now they’ll be able to get back to waterboarding in peace.

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  1. Phil, it's nice to know my old Alma Mater is keeping busy these days!!! I just adore ripe berries, especially those as red as your eye!

    Take care ooo

    By the way, the word verif thing is asking me to type something that looks like 'nun ugly'?