Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday 11/01/09

I made a slight error yesterday when I stated that ‘Bible = Truth because Bible = Truth’ has no more validity than ‘2+2=Test Match Special because 2+2=Test Match Special’. We all know that Test Match Special = Excruciating Boredom + I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.

Just heard some corkers about the agnostic bus advert on a semi-religious programme on Radio 2. If I had the time I’d transcribe them.

Took delivery of the half load of logs yesterday. ‘Half a load’ is a filled builder’s bag – the raffia type you see sand and gravel in at builders’ supplies. I spent the afternoon splitting our share into suitable chunks for the wood burner. While the logs are seasoned, they still need a good bit of drying out. We’ve started using them already and I can safely say that the burn is much slower and more even than with sawn timber. On the basis of last night I’d estimate that we should burn around a standard TESCO shopping basket of logs per evening. Watch this space for updates on burn rate.

The chap who delivered them did so from the Badminton Estate, just up the road. When Caravan asked him if he was busy he said he couldn’t keep up with demand, which doesn’t bode well for price stability. May have to invest in log futures, or possibly do some hedging. The price of a ‘load’ has already gone up to £80 from £60 last summer. However, looking at prices on the web it seems our supplier charges half the price of commercial suppliers. We could make some money simply by selling them on at a 50% margin.

Wood burners are no longer a design statement, but an economic necessity. Regulars may remember that back in 2007, just before I moved from the boat to the caravan, I managed to obtain a very large Freecycled cast iron log burner with a back boiler – a real beauty of a beast. It had been used to provide central heating to a 3 bed house just outside of Reading. That’s going to come in extremely handy when the house is finished.

I’m thinking of diverting the flu and making a smokehouse to smoke some herrings.

While I’m in advice mode, if you’re in need to car spares, you could do much worse than look at carsparefinder. I’ve used it several times over the last few years to source 2nd hand bits. Yesterday I managed to find a 2nd hand heater for the Volvo for £35, including delivery and 90 days’ warranty. A new one comes in at several hundred quid.


  1. Sorry I've not had the time to be on the internet and read your blog much over the past week, but I like the idea of being a guest blogger. I'm not sure I've got anything of interest to say though!

  2. Dom,

    Do pay attention. To be a guest blogger you HAVE to have something to say.

    One way out os the be a guest editor, suggesting topics.