Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday 19/01/09

The Caravans bought Hay a quarter load of logs for her birthday; however, she was disappointed they weren’t individually wrapped.

Seems my idea for an automated birthday card system has already been thought of and is up and running as Oh well, back to the drawing board, but I’m certain focussing on things to help the absentminded or lazy is where the money lies.

You know these bollocky detox fads that go around at this time of year but don’t have an ounce of science behind them? Well I’ve just thought of a new detox regime for the lazy – Aquapuncture. Just drill a hole in your bellybutton and insert a hosepipe on full blast.

Here’s something to think about. Ever had an itch on your back and had someone scratch it for you? Have you noticed, and why is it, that the second the itch is scratched it instantly starts to creep around your back and migrate? What starts out as an itch of less than 1cm square ends up with you chasing it all over your back (and sometimes down your arms) to the extent that you end up scratching about half a square metre.

Found an excellent quote by Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder. In a speech at Stanford University in 2005 he said: “Nobody wants to die. Even people who want to go to Heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share.”


  1. The Steve Jobs quote is excellent - I hadn't heard it before and I shall probably use it in argument today!

    o o o

  2. Increasing the numbers of your followers since I started the rush, eh, CB?

    Have you found any (b)logs you enjoy reading across the blogosphere (yes, I know! ;-) ) yet?

    That's a wink by the way, terrible isn't it!


  3. AWONI,

    I've only got 3 so far and I'm aiming for 12 before I set up a new religion.