Monday, 16 February 2009

Monday 16/02/09

Spring has arrived! Spotted this is Truro yesterday:

A camellia in full bloom.

Not had time to write today, so instead I commend a coupe of items to you.

Firstly I commend this article by James Lovelock. It’s an extremely coherent and forceful argument for the need to embrace nuclear power.

Secondly I commend this Ali G video, which despite me not really liking the Ali G character that much, is nonetheless hilarious.


  1. When the dangers of a product or technology outway the benefits the legal term is manufacturing flaw.

    There is no need to put the world in danger when alternative sources of energy are available.

    You are a literary man. You are not, however, a scientist. As such, despite your brilliance, you can be manipulated.

    You are smart, literary and wonderful. But like men who are not attorneys that endeavor to interpret the know not of what you speak. How could you? It takes years. I am merely a flunkee microbiologist. This sliver of education helps me to recognize scientific data...almost. hee hee

    Google Helen Caldicott. She is a physician (scientist) who has been nominated numerous times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her passion includes educating people regarding the dangers of Nuclear Power.

    I beg you to do it.

    Love ya. I don't know why.

  2. Charmaine,

    Helen Caldicott is a physician, not a physicist. While she can ascertain the damage that radiation can to to cells, she is not an expert on the safety of nuclear reactors.

    I am not a scientist - nor for that matter is Helen Caldicott - at least not in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. a researcher. She's a medic.

    Have a look at her Wiki page and view the criticisms of her work. It seems many of her assertions are unfounded and badly researched.

    Hay is a scientist, although a biochemist. However, she works for the government and is involved in a programme that looks at renewables. The gathering consensus is that we need to go nuclear.

    The reactors of today are nothing like the reactors of the 70s and 80s - the very ones that started helen Caldicott on her crusade.


  3. PS - the article I cited was written by James Lovelock, who is an eminent scientist. He's a PhD meic and a chemist, as well as the man who thought up the Gaia hypothesis.