Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wednesday 11/02/09

The interweb scammers are really getting desperate now. Here’s a spam I spotted while clearing out my Gmail spam box yesterday.


I have a new email address!
You can now email me at:
- My name is Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Secretary to (UNITED NATIONS) I would advise you to contact Mr. Jim Ovia from Zenith Bank on this E-mail ( Please send him your full name adderss and telephone numbers or call him on +234-8036956989 for your A T M CARD valued $2.2 million offered in your name. as UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION,YOURS TRUELY.Mr. Ban Ki-Moon


It beggars belief! How could any scammer seriously expect anyone to be so gullible as to believe that the UN Secretary-General could have a name like Ban Ki-Moon? It’s obviously a made-up name. Everyone knows that they select only people with sensible names as Secretaries General of the UN – like Boutros Boutros-Ghali and U Thant.

Had some recruitment franchise operator send me an e-mail yesterday asking if I wanted to be a franchisee recruitment consultant. Here we are in the midst of a recession and the largest number of redundancies since The Flood left no-one except Noah and his sons in gainful employment (and even then on a 2 day week due to the wrong kind of rain), and some idiot has the gall to ask if I want to pay them money to become a recruiter! Mind you, if you want to get in on the ground level, then I suppose now’s the time – providing you can afford to wait a couple of years for the market to pick up. Same with being an estate agent.

The company I work for has recently initiated a cost cutting exercise. For the IT department this has manifested itself as printer settings being such that the default is printing double sided. The objective of saving some trees by using less paper is eminently laudable; however, the Law of Unintended Consequences has resulted in hundreds of people chucking thousands of letters into the recycling bin because they have been inadvertently printed double sided. Unless you’re writing a book, double-sided is a positive nuisance.

UFOlogists have been dealt a bitter blow. Remember the wind turbine I commented on (January 9th), well scientists say it was metal fatigue and not a UFO colliding with it that caused it to fall apart. They would say that though, wouldn’t they? It’s definitely a cover-up. I’m convinced aliens have been operating among us for decades, posing as Labour MPs. It was probably Jacqui Smith (or Zillog as she is known in the Cabinet) who collided with it when returning from her all-expenses-paid 3rd home on Tau Ceti 3.

Did you hear the Treasury Select Committee questioning the chairmen and CEOs of HBOS, RBS, etc? My God, MPs can sound so bloody patronising, supercilious, arrogant, overbearing, conceited, insolent and holier-than-thou, all at the same time! They were asked by one MP whether they had any banking qualifications, which they don’t, but there again do MPs generally have a qualification in politics? Gordon Brown, our leader, has a PhD in history. Alistair Darling, our economist, has a degree in law. John McFall, the chair of the Treasury Select Committee has a degree in chemistry, an MBA and a BA in education. Talk about pot calling kettle non-reflective. I may not be particularly enamoured of bankers at present, but MPs are sure guaranteed to get my back up with their arrogance. I wonder how the members of the Treasury Select Committee voted on MP’s expenses being made more transparent. They probably want them so transparent as to be invisible.

Remember when Dr David Kelly was hung out to dry by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee? I’ve never seen someone shown such disrespect, except by a teenager. The MP who really rattled Kelly, Andrew MacKinlay (an odious little rat), had a lot to answer for, but will never be brought to book. Here’s an extract from his Wiki page: “On 28 June 2008 he was reported by Mail Online to have received a warning from Downing Street after MI5 discovered that he was holding meetings with a suspected Russian spy Alexander Polyakov, officially a counsellor at the Russian Embassy in London; it was also claimed that MacKinlay had been targeted by aides of Russia's richest man, Oleg Deripaska, as a 'stooge' for use in a High Court battle.” His constituency page neglects to mention that, or the Kelly affair.

Did you know that the knife with which David Kelly was meant to have committed suicide had no fingerprints on it?

I’m always interested in seeing the demographics of my readership. Take a look at the Feedjit map and see if you can ID yourself (double click anywhere on the map to zoom in). Until yesterday you could see my friend in Twatt, however he‘s fallen off the database now.


  1. I see that I am marked with a St George Cross rather than a Union Flag - Hmmmm! Now I feel like an BNP member - can I have a Union Flag please - I may live in England but I'm a citizen of Great Britain!

  2. Richard - has your eyesight gone? As far as I can see, you're one big Union flag.


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for popping over my way. I'm enjoying having a look-see around your gaff.

    Ban Ki-moon? Obviously, a made-up name. The UN guy's real name is, I think if memory serves, Ban Ki-Twatt.

    Word veri: splobes.

    Perhaps it's Ban Ki-splobes.

  4. With regards to the bank CEOs getting a grilling by MPs - I see what you mean about the pot calling the kettle black, but in fairness, I don't really care who gives them a slap on the wrist - somebody needed to.

    Politicians are no angels by any stretch of the imagination, but someone really needed to squeeze the banking bosses about their bonuses, especially as so much public money has gone into bailing them out of their little pickles. As such, why exactly are they receiving bonuses anyway?

  5. Dom - I agree about them deserving a good slapping, but I don't like smartarse politicians who dream up what they think are clever questions, but are really blatanly designed to simply show off.