Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Can't Help But Feel

Can't help but feel that keeping Jonnie Marbles behind bars while he appeals against the totally unreasonable sentence for his foam pie protest against Murdoch is a bit excessive.

Can't help but feel the Royal Family is trying to rejuvenate their bloodline with monkey genes by having Zara marry Mike 'the Nose' Tindall.

Can't help but feel that accusing suppliers of ripping off government departments is a bit off when supplying government departments (including the MoD) means jumping through 20,000 hoops and spending a fortune on getting someone to fill in all the Byzantine paperwork involved in government procurement. No wonder it costs £32 to provide the MoD with one pencil. It's a sad irony that all the efforts put into ensuring the government is not ripped off results in them being ripped off - but it's a self-inflicted injury.

What can't you help thinking?


  1. Ah.. Government procurement.

    Been there, done that and will NEVER do it again.
    Last time it cost me a year of my life, literally thousands of Aussie dollars chasing a contract said to be worth millions and ended up with 24 sales and 312K GROSS.. Profit 30% of that and the cost to obtain that profit in excess of 100K Simply NOT worth the effort !

  2. Seconded re. government jobs, avoid like the plague.