Monday, 8 August 2011

Dangerous School Trips

"...and Horatio was eaten by a polar bear."

Sounds like something from a children's book, doesn't it?

Dangerous school trips where pupils stand only a 90% chance of returning alive may become the new black for the middle classes; parents will vie with each other to get their kids eaten by the fiercest carnivores.

"Ptolemy was eaten by a lion in Africa!"

"Well, Ignatius was devoured by a wolf in the Caucasus!"

It certainly beats the usual litigious brigade suing the school because their kid slipped on a banana skin or got a mosquito bite on the school outing.


  1. Did you see the polar bear attack in the news this week?

  2. The Met need to get some polar bears, save an endangered species and effective crowd control win-win!

  3. Perhaps you could start a new holiday agency where you could send rich kids of to exciting and dangerous places so mummy and daddy have something new to brag about when little darling get killed.

  4. Braja: Polar bear attack?

    Steve: Too right!

    JF: Precisely!