Sunday, 28 August 2011


Apropos of all this hot air about Oscar Pistorius' blades; ain't it about time we had separate categories for drug-assisted, technology-assisted or whatever-assisted olympics?

Whatever anyone says about whether Pistorius' blades provide an advantage, basically no-one really knows.

What we should be striving toward is people competing on the basis of like-for-like.


  1. I suppose the only way to put the matter to the test, is too awful to contemplate. Perhaps we should just remove all rules and let laissez faire reign.

  2. I agree, though it is apparently awfully politically incorrect to do so: we're supposed to be so much BIGGER than that, Bill...:)

    I propose we just let anyone in the race, and provide salt-loaded rifles to the audience. Then if they see anyone taking unfair advantage during a race, they can just fire away. Problem solved.....