Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Riot Solution & iPhones

Hay has come up with a solution to the looting; snipers placed at strategic points on rooftops. All it would take would be one or two 'casualties'.

She also wants to picket Apple, as she's just discovered that you can't send a photo with MMS using the iPhone. Have you ever heard something so damned ridiculous? Not only was the iPhone 4 incapable of making a call when launched, you can't even send a picture message with one. Piece of junk!

A friend of mine was caught up in the rioting in Liverpool. He dodged into a Job Centre to hide and breathed a sigh of relief - the rioters would never enter there.


  1. Must be an iPhone 4 problem - my 3G will send MMS with pictures taken on the iPhone with no problems. Now if only I could get it to make a phone call!

  2. ...thank heavens for the HTC....