Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bean Counters on Fire in Euroland

Now Italy is about to go bust. What I want to know is who are the Euro Zone's accountants? The buggers should be fired!

Talking of fire, they have announced the route the Olympic fire is going to take. One assumes fire is a novelty in certain locations. We've had it for tens of thousands of years here, so it's not of any deep interest. We actually use it to keep warm and cook our food.

On the issue of immigration officers: faced with 300 odd people from a flight and the option of letting in a few undesirables or being ripped to shreds by an angry crowd that's asked to wait for 4 hours, I know what I'd do. Passenger numbers are increasing inexorably and staff numbers are cut year-on-year - inevitable really. The only problem is that we'll never know how many bankers and MEPs made it into the country under the wire.

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