Saturday, 12 November 2011

Scapegoat, or Dirty Old Goat?

Mike Tindall - scapegoat or dirty old goat? I suspect the former.

Prince Charles engages in dirty phone calls with another woman while married to Princess Diana, yet he retains his position on the Royal team.

Prince Harry dresses in a Nazi uniform and it's laughed off as high jinx.

All Tindall did was to throw a dwarf and kiss his ex girlfriend. Oh, hang on, he was on the losing side at a time the RFU is in complete disarray.

As I said, scapegoat.


  1. ...And the fine seems wholly out of proportion to anything meted out in the footie world - Bizarre!

    I have also heard rumours that this was pretty much a set-up, staged in NZ, to put England way out of kilter for the competition - Still a very stupid, or naive, bloke though!

  2. Bugger! Sprung by AWONI!
    (actually he was supposed to kiss a dwarf and throw his ex girlfriend but we couldn't muster an attractive enough dwarf)