Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hello! Boot Blacked Liar Aliens!

I hear Sarko has been caught calling Netanyahu a liar. He might just as well have called him a politician, a Prime Minister or a Home Secretary.

At least he's not a banker...

Talking of politics, the White House has denied that the US has ever had contact with extraterrestrials. Who are they kidding? What about Sarah Palin? Just as well we had no aliens coming here; Theresa May would have let them in!

The News of the World newspaper has been accused of following Prince William and other celebrities. I guess that's a bit like OK and Hello magazines do. Is that mean't to be news?

Berlusconi seems about to depart the political scene in Italy, but I want to know whether he dyes his head - not his hair (which he obviously does), but his bonce itself.


  1. I see from your sidebar that you have 81 followers : we need to be told how many of these are from the News of the World.

  2. Sarko/Obama have gone up (slightly) in my estimation, I want to hear what they honestly think of Sarah Palin, and Rick Perry, or David Cameron for that matter, although I think I might already know.. sounds like a great new reality TV program?

  3. Oh, it depresses me how dumbed-down the news seems to be now.

    Good post