Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Health & Safety, Gozitan Style

Was collecting Hay and her dad from the ferry terminal yesterday after their boat trip to Comino (warning, don't do it unless you're prepared for crowds of screaming chavs from Malta island) and was amazed by the guy at the filling station. Just as I pulled in I spotted that the attendant leaning on the pump smoking a cigarette. As he saw me enter the forecourt he stubbed his ciggie out on the pump and cast it to one side. Wish I'd had my camera on me.

I simply can't believe how quiet Gozo is - even at the height of Saturday there was hardly a soul on the road, or on the streets. Malta must be the place for the package holiday lot, whereas Gozo is more attuned to the mature person. Even walking home in the evening there's hardly a light to be seen in any of the houses.

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