Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sorry - I can't Resist Advertising

Sorry - I suddenly feel this uncontrollable urge to go out and buy a packet of fags. Isn't that packaging so sexy and irresistible?

I started smoking at 16 and did so, very heavily, till I was about 52 or 53, when I switched to e-cigarettes. Packaging played no role whatsoever in my decision to take up smoking; I merely wanted to fit in with my peer group, most of whom smoked.

Once hooked on smoking, the packaging merely directed me to a particular brand.

The iniquitous thing is that my health has improved immeasurably since taking up e-cigs (I now have only borderline COPD), yet the government now wants to regulate them, which means expensive testing and taxation - very probably at the behest of Big Tobacco, who want to get in on the act and take the small operators out of the market. Luckily you can buy anything anywhere on the internet.

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