Monday, 1 July 2013

The Fast Public Image

Was watching some of the Glasto highlights on TV yesterday afternoon. Is it me, or is John Lydon of Public Image Ltd. (ex Sex Pistols) looking increasingly  like Mark Williams from The Fast Show?

I know Lydon created PiL, but they could really do with changing their lead vocalist. Love the music, hate the shouting.

Looks like Kenny Rodger has had a bit of work done round his eyes, but the voice has stayed the same. Wonder if he'd be interested in fronting PiL. The mind boggles...

Thoroughly enjoyed Nile Rogers' set on Friday night. Really professional and tight. And they say disco is dead! Daft Punk has put paid to that little homily. Best set of the festival.

As for the Stones - I think it was more the novelty effect of watching disgustingly thin, 70 year old men prancing about the stage than anything to do with the music. Sir Mick seemed to spend half his time exchanging calls with the audience. I never was much of a Stones fan.

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