Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Overheard in the House

Hay: "Badger, I know you did the cooking, but you left the oven on! You obviously need more practice."

Chairman: " It's just my special technique; you've heard of after-burners - well this is after-cooking."

We're off to Gozo at the weekend for our holiday - we've rented a farmhouse for 6 (me, No.1 Son, Hay, Hay's sister and partner and Hay's dad). Problem is there's no aircon in the property and friends who live in Malta say July / August is not the time to visit because the heat is so intense. I have, however, taken the precaution of hiring a 6 seater car with aircon. Guess where I'm going to be sleeping?

Wasn't too happy at leaving the kampong unattended during our absence, so I've roped in my brother and sister-in-law to house-sit. Now with Chipping Sodbury having appeared in last weekend's Sunday Times property section and a new Waitrose being built, there's a good chance they may get to see Kate, William and Tyson (or will it be Trayvon?).

Overheard when Kate and William Presented Trayvon.

Hay: "Never going to be a looker, is he? The baby I mean. He'll have to rely on his royal connections to get a job."

Chairman: "No doubt he'll get his father to arrange a job in the City."

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