Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Daily Mail Planning

I wonder when the Daily Mail will apologise for Lord Rothermere cosying up to Hilter.

Talking of Daily Mail Readers, last night we were watching a TV programme about planning applications called Permission Impossible.

A millionaire had a plan for a couple of absolutely gorgeous Bauhaus style houses, but a local grump who lives in a hideous, 1970s, semi-detached, mock-Georgian monstrosity (the value of which would only be increased by the development) complained that these architect-designed, elegant and beautiful houses were carbuncles. If I were the developer I'd be lobbying for the moronic 1970s boxes to be demolished as a blight on the landscape. The developer got his permission, thank God!

The one attribute than linked all those vociferously objecting to planning development was the fact they were retired and were cut from the same cloth as Victor Meldrew. Seems once you're over a certain age the default mode becomes; "Not in my back yard, even if my back yard is a dump and I live in a hideous piece of clapboard that belongs on an inner city estate."

On leaving the planning meeting where another development had been passed by councillors, an objector ranted about the result not being democratic. It had been voted on by councillors he and his fellow voters had voted in - that's democracy. It's only "never democracy" when it doesn't go our way, or the Daily Mail disagrees.

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