Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Let Me Get this Straight

Let me get this straight - so Alex Salmond is accusing English politicians of being bullies for not allowing an independent Scotland to retain the pound, yet at the same time he announces North Sea oil is for Scotland only. I suggest he agrees a swap - the British pound in return Scottish oil. Both parties should be satisfied. God help the greedy bugger if oil ever runs out, which it eventually will.

Let me get this straight - so there's going to get an open-topped bus tour and civic reception in Bristol for Jenny Jones, who came 3rd in the snowboarding at Sochi. I have no wish to be churlish, but isn't that a bit like the runners up in the FA Cup getting an open-topped bus tour and civic reception? It just wouldn't happen. Perhaps it's a mark of the changing times and the emergent philosophy than no-one should lose.

Let me get this straight - so Putin and Medvedev believe that a legitimately elected government has carte blanche to do absolutely anything it wants and any mass protests against gross abuses of power are armed mutiny?

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