Friday, 7 February 2014

'Tash Tales

Further to my previous post on 'tash wax; I've changed the formula from 50:50 beeswax and coconut oil to approximately 25% oil and 75% wax, as the hold achieved by the previous mix was insufficient and left my 'tash greasy, rather than "controlled". It's too hard, however, for furniture polish, and so I have to maintain two stocks.

The new composition is now more akin to the commercially available preparations on the internet (costing twenty times as much).

The fact mine is in a beeswax shoe cream jar is neither here nor there - at least not until I start marketing it...

I quite fancy the General Melchett look - or at least to use General Melchett's image in the commercial branding.


  1. Not too keen on tash wax - it's a bit like when you have a bad cold and the snot soaks down into your tash and dries out. (you can use that in your advertising if you want)

    1. Alan - could I use your image on the packaging? I could call it Yorkshire's Finest...