Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Internet Trauma

BT Engineer arrived at 09:00 yesterday morning and told me we had him for the day until the broadband was fixed. He finally left us at 15:20 with a fully operational BT Infinity broadband, although there have been two router resets during the night.

At least I now have broadband and the speed has gone up to 36/7. It remains to be seen whether the reset issue improves or gets worse again.

The reason that we lost broadband completely was due to the instruction to switch off Infinity in preparation for a switch back to ADSL had not actually been rescinded..... Utter incompetence on someone's part.

Used nearly a Gig of mobile phone data in the 4 days since the broadband went off and No.1 Son was insufferable - pacing around like a caged lion. At least I knew life pre-Internet; he didn't and was traumatised.

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  1. My switch over date is March 1st, I am facing it with much trepidation. On the plus side my daughter HSS no problems with hers.