Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Antediluvial Sartotial Elegance

Was watching Michael Portillo on Great Railway Journeys and was horrified at what he was wearing. He's obviously going through marriage difficulties, as no woman would allow him to wear a dayglo green shirt, sky blue jumper and shocking pink jacket.

Either that, or he's attending a clown convention.

Was picking stones from the ha-ha yesterday evening and came across this chappie - a 60m~400m year-old fossilised ammonite from the lodge foundation spoil. This area used to be a warm, tropical sea - a bit like Somerset a few weeks ago, hence the preponderance of limestone in the region.

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  1. I like the great railway journeys show and had just assumed he was gay in a public school, Cambridge, Brideshead Revisited kind of way? (wasn't there a thing in the media a few years ago about his slightly unusual predilections?) + fossils are cool!