Friday, 25 April 2014

Cornish Independence Balaclavas

Seems the Cornish have been granted some sort of minority status. Not surprised; I've holidayed in Cornwall for years (and about to go again this weekend) and I've yet to meet a genuine Cornish person there. True Cornish people must be a miniscule minority.

Just hope it doesn't go to their head and they start squandering tax money on bilingual road signs like the Welsh, or ramming their language - which only 3 people speak - down the throats of the mainly English kids. If the BBC's adaptation of "Jamaica Inn" is anything to go by, then Cornish is some kind of mumble.

I think we should mass troops on the Cornish border to protect the interests of the English ethnic majority in Cornwall.....

Wonder when the Scousers will petition for minority status, or the Brummies, or the Cockneys. Ludicrous!

Seems the must-have fashion accessory in Syria and Ukraine is a black balacalava. Wonder if we'll see the Cornish wearing them soon.


  1. Gorhemmynnadow!
    I like Cornish... not to be confused with Devonish.

    1. You'm getting it all wrong tis' Devenish Ale wot has you confuddled !!