Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Had to visit our local agricultural machinery repair place yesterday to get the new tyre for the ride-on-mower fitted (it took 3 blokes an hour of struggling and they still had to use an inner-tube - that'll teach me to buy a cheap Tiawanese import from eBay).

The firm is TH White's in Knockdown (near Westonbirt, which I always thought a good name for a band) and they have a marvelous marketing tag-line: "TH White - In More Fields Than You Imagine."

No.1 Son has a good strap-line: "Trust me, I'm a teenager." However, that's taking marketing a touch too far.

Bought a rotovator off eBay yesterday. Next it'll be a tractor. Must attend the Badminton Horse Trials next weekend....

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