Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Taking it Easy

At a sales conference at HQ in Israel till Friday.

Both annoyed:

  1. Debit card was refused last night at the hotel, followed by a call from Nat West Fraud Team this morning telling me my card had been compromised when I'd already logged the fact I'd be in Israel for the week on their website (meaning a new debit card and updating all my on-line purchasing websites),
  2. Internet connection in the hotel is abysmal,
  3. I've already burned £70 of roaming data (Israel roaming charges are extortionate),
  4. TV only has hideously uninteresting Israeli, Russian or French channels,
and pleased:

  1. Celebrating a $1.3m maintenance contract with the UK Navy,
  2. Highly likely to have another $900k systems contract before I leave here,
  3. Did my European region presentation slot yesterday.
Time to relax!


  1. Never mind the British Navy, what about getting that P&O contract and getting some decent wifi on the boats.

    1. Alan - it will happen. My company has exclusive rights on the VSAT antennas for the O3b satellite system, which will give cruise vessels hundreds of megabits per second within a couple of years, as opposed to mere tens as currently.