Friday, 14 August 2015

Gossipy Deep Shit Burqa

Heard someone complaining yesterday about Twitter and Facebook containing nothing but meaningless and inane gossip. What the hell do they normally talk about at the office then - nuclear physics, the meaning of life and the cost of production? Meaningless gossip comprises the majority of human interaction. Forget about work - what people need is a decent life-life balance...

People use the expression 'talking about deep shit'. Isn't 'deep shit' an oxymoron? Well, either that or an eco-friendly earth closet!

Been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about banning the burqa. If you ask me, a lot of people - men included - would benefit from one. Perhaps the burqa should be compulsory for some. However, I do wish people calling for a ban on the burqa would articulate what is it about this item that particularly offends them to call for a blanket ban (if you'll pardon the expression). It seems it's more what it symbolises than the burqa itself, and if that's the case then why not attack that than the item of clothing. Once you ban a certain article of clothing then heaven knows what will be banned next, purely from a logical standpoint - helmets, hoodies, balaclavas. The difference between a kaftan, which doesn't seem to attract any ire whatsoever, and a burqa is purely the head covering. Women in this country are not forced to cover their heads by law, and if they are so forced by their menfolk, then we have existing laws to protect them. I would suggest the overwhelming number of Muslim women who wear them do so out of choice and I would also suggest that a call for a ban would make more Muslim women wear one purely out of pique.

Back to Windows 10 - take a peek at Microsoft's App Store. It's like browsing a Soviet era shop with the proverbial bare shelves.

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