Thursday, 13 August 2015

Just Saying

B and Q (wish they'd cure this ampersand problem) oak veneered interior doors, £100 each or two for £150 on special offer - we need three, so £250. Benchworx oak veneered interior doors, three of, £179. Just saying.

However, £5k for a Benchworx kitchen (with cooker and cooker hood) seems a tad over the top for a pokey corner. Major rethink and the stripping of £2.5k off the cost is called for. I don't think the hand-built kitchen in the house cost that much!

Doesn't look like much has happened since the last update, but a lot of stuff has been going on inside. Electrics, insulation, etc. External cladding arrived yesterday (the covered pile on the right), but the storms and rain predicted for today will preclude its installation. Plenty to get on with inside though with more insulation and the plasterboard.

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