Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Invisible Man on the Avon Milk Run

Wasn't there a vote for a new LibDem leader not so long ago? Anyone know who won? Whoever it was, he's been remarkably silent of late.

Talking of politics, hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to join the Labour party to undermine the election of their new leader. Seems to me the only way to prevent this is to have the MPs elect their leader - at least the MPs have been vetted by their local constituency party and an MP elected leader will have more support from his MPs than one foisted on them.

Seems Muller now has it in for our dairy farmers, which actually translates to the consumer, if the consumer continues to buy Muller products. Anyone know of a website which lists the retailers who give diary farmers above the cost of production? Supermarket milk prices alone won't suffice, as a high price doesn't guarantee that the extra is passed up the chain.

Another sojourn on the Avon in the kayaks yesterday; this time between Bradford on Avon and Limpley Stoke. A tad busy around Bradford on Avon with scullers - the marine equivalent of earnest blokes in Lycra peddling expensive bikes furiously on canal towpaths - but one of the most beautiful stretches of the Avon. Came back via the Kennett and Avon canal.

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