Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Vaping University

At last, a sensible report on e-cigarettes!

Licensing will cost a packet (if you'll forgive the pun) and mean a massive price hike. On the other hand, if they're ever prescribed, I'll get mine for free as I'm over 65...

I see there's an article on the BBC News site that says we've reached the stage where the majority of university graduates are in jobs that don't require a degree in the first place. Time for an overhaul of the university system, if you ask me and limiting a university education to a top percentile of A level students and making it free for them. There's no doubting that many of those going to university are simply looking forward to the experience rather than the education it provides (although an education is doubtful in some instances), like some 2 year long summer camp. I've heard many of those interviewed on TV and radio actually say it. Even those who go for the education are saying the value for money is poor, which is only to be expected when the name of the game is bums on seats.

How about those employers who demand a degree from new entrants selecting their entrants from A level students and then being made to pay university bursaries by law, thereby sharing the risks and the costs. Many industries pay bursaries already - the NHS, for example.


  1. I've tried quitting smoking numerous times in the past with little to no joy. I've tried cold turkey, nasty inhaler things, mints/lozenges, bombay mix and ultra-violent computer games and nothing has ever lasted more than maybe a couple of weeks at the very best. herakles plus tank sense

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