Friday, 13 November 2015

Cheesy NHS Ladies

I'm always amazed that the CEO of the NHS is the boss of what must be one of the world's largest companies (the 5th largest employer in the world), yet if asked to name him, most people (me included) don't have a clue.

When buying supermarket Stilton cheese I have a habit of unwrapping it and leaving it in a spare Long Clawson Stilton jar, out of the fridge, until it 'matures', i.e. partially decomposes and goes creamy (supermarket Stilton is usually inedible on the day of purchase). It usually takes 3 or 4 days, but that time has been increasing and it now takes a week or more. Not sure if it's something to do with the cheese or the weather.

Opened Wikipedia yesterday and spotted this - Harris' List of Covent Garden Ladies. Published from 1757 to 1795, it an annual directory of prostitutes then working in Georgian London. A small, attractive pocketbook, it was printed and published in Covent Garden, and sold for two shillings and sixpence. A contemporary report of 1791 estimates its circulation at about 8,000 copies annually.


  1. Congratulations CB! Cheese, prostitutes and the NHS (reorganised into the correct sequence), all before 8:30 am!

  2. "...may laws and magistrates be kind; with you may the statesman, the soldier, the parson, the lawyer, and the merchant share his treasure."
    Seems no one wanted to share with a sailor CB. Shades of Lady Astor and armbands. Damn poor show! ;)

  3. Cheese really wants to live out of the fridge, but if one buys large portions to 'have' rather than to eat at a specific time, a deal of management has to take place.
    For me the cheese board has an edge to stop the ripe stuff wandering off.