Thursday, 5 November 2015

Windscale Christmas Dummy Drones

Overheard while watching a program about the 1957 Windscale incident:

Jim Al-Khalili: "These filters saved the North West from a terrible fate."

Hay: "No they didn't!"

About a month ago I posted some good ideas for a Christmas tree made from a dummy. Given Hay has a dummy she uses as a clothes horse, we were going to make one for this year's festivities, albeit they may be a bit muted. Well, Hay was in the High Street yesterday and spotted this in a local charity shop she frequents:

We've been beaten too it, and it's not even Guy Fawkes' yet (OK, it is today).

Saw an article on The One Show last night about the police's increasing use of drones. I want to join the police! They're not using them to track thieves or monitor crowds - they're playing with them as toys. Believe me, they're addictive!

The village is holding a party for the Queen's 90th next year and as part of the festivities I suggested a drone racing contest. After my experiences to date I think we're best off forgetting the idea - too many will get lost. Thinking of buying your kid a drone for Christmas? Make sure it's a cheap one and be prepared to lose it somewhere far away and inaccessible. Activity No.1 - write your mobile phone number on it.


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    1. Yes, I did see someone post that on Facebook yesterday. seems cool, but you wouldn't want to drop out of the hole in the bottom.