Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Road to Retirement

Well, I drove into London yesterday for my redundancy "consultation meeting" with the CFO, who had flown in from Tel Aviv specifically for the purpose, and it was all very amicable. My employment will be terminated at the end of December with a tacit understanding that I will continue to work with the company, but not as as salaried employee. They even offered me an ex-gratia payment of a month's salary as a parting gift, which was totally unexpected and not included in the original notification letter or my contract. Can't say fairer than that.

If all goes to plan I'll end up working part-time for two companies on commission, one with a small retainer, both Israeli. That will allow me to keep my head above water, as well as allowing a foray into the world of consulting in the twilight years leading to retirement. With the right breaks I could easily end up earning more than I do as a salaried employee with my present company.


  1. Good Luck, I hope you'll love it - always puts a different slant on your patience & priorities at 'meetings' when you're the only one not being paid...

  2. Good luck, I always admire your positivety .

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