Friday, 6 January 2012

70cl of Spontaneous, Sacred, Recruitment Dinner

Anyone know where the 70cl bottle came from? A curious measure, would you not agree? The litre makes infinitely more sense. 

Bloody recruitment wallahs are going bonkers at present. I’ve been contacted about 20 times over the last few days asking if I’m looking for staff – what planet are these buggers on? If I have to tell another recruitment consultant that there’s a recession on, I’ll explode! 

 I wonder what Stephen Hawking’s domestic conversation is like? He must surely have to spend half an hour programming in everything he says? Must be useful if he’s asked to wash the dishes – he’ll answer half an hour after the question was first asked, by which time his Mrs (if she’s anything like Hayley) will have done it anyway. I suppose spontaneous conversation is out of the question. 

Was watching a program on TV last night called Earthflight – one of those natural history jobs that is so excellently done by BBC Bristol. How religious folk can say that life is sacred is incomprehensible – life is in fact nothing but some other creature’s dinner.


  1. I remember that I was able to conduct perfectly reasonable and rational conversations when I was totally deaf by using a combination of two "yes" responses and one "no" response.
    Are you busy? Yes
    Is it important? Yes
    I don't suppose you could do the washing up could you? No

  2. Nature red in tooth and claw, I guess that's why religious types have such a problem with evolution and natural selection; if they are right it's one hell of a pernicious design...

  3. Those people picked up by Aliens went aboard unidentified flying objects and were packed off to zoos but some went on to be the stuff of gourmet lunches. That's what I believe. The Devil is a trickster and according to the Bible, was thrown out of Heaven and ended up the lord over Earth. That biblical quote said, the trick is that Heaven is actually Hell. Very few pray to go to Hell but everyone prays to go to Heaven. Now you know the end of the story of mankind.